From concept design refinement to patent-prep documentation to manufacturing sourcing and investment analysis, PDR has the capability to help inventors through the process of taking their product concept to market.


During our engineering services delivery, we make careful consideration to cost, producibility, quality, reliability, performance, serviceability and user features, with the end goal of making the resulting product attractive to its intended market.


Product Development Resource provides full 2D drawing and 3D modeling CAD services to meet new product development and manufacturing needs.

Concept-to-Market-Ready Product

Helping inventors and entrepreneurs bring their products to the market...

Based in southern California, Product Development Resource provides product development services to enable inventors, entrepreneurs, small manufacturers, industrial designers, industry professionals and importers to transform their product ideas into real marketable products.

Product Development Resource╩╝s clients are typically visionary inventors who identify market opportunities for a new product who seek out Product Development Resource's capabilities to develop their concept into a workable design.

A collaborative partner, Product Development Resource provides the crucial services inventors needs to go concept-to-market, including concept design refinement, CAD drawings, engineering documentation, proof-of-concept product development, prototyping, manufacturing sourcing, and more.

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