Portfolio Samples

These samples illustrate the strong product design and development capabilities of Product Development Resource, as well as the diversity of experience and products that Product Development Resource offers.

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automaticdrainclosure automaticwatertemperaturecontroller singlecontrolfaucetvalve antiscaldshowervalve apple coring tool

Kitchen and Bath Accessories

  • Automatic Drain Closure
  • Anti-scald Shower Valve
  • Apple Coring Tool
  • and many more...
tablelegadjustment seatingfabricretentionfeature foldinglegmechanism lightwttablecontstruction


  • Table Leg Adjustment
  • Seating Fabric Retention Feature
  • Folding Leg Mechanism
  • Lightweight Table Construction
quickconnectorfluidlines quickinstallationsforfaucets expansionfastenerdevice oil drain


  • Quick Installation for Faucets
  • Expansion Fastener Device
  • Flexible Fluid Line Quick Connector
  • Car Oil Drain Storage
bicyclemistersystem bicycleshifterdisplay poollanelinetensioner quick connect dumbbell

Sport/Fitness Accessories

Healthcare / Medical

  • Syringe with Check Valve
  • Walker Assembly
  • Teether
  • Anthroscopic Cutter
  • Bio Sample Kit
  • Suture Needle Docker

Leisure Products

  • Metrogrip-Transit Hand Strap
  • WinnersBox200 Gamblers Lock Box